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At Nosh Catering, we're passionate about food and creating memorable experiences for our clients.


We're excited to hear from you and learn more about how we can serve you!

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Do I have to choose my menu from the example menus?

Absolutely not! Example menus exist to show you options and previous menus. At nosh we're open to suggestions based on your palate and if you don't know what you want. book an inquiry anyways and when you meet with Chef, you will be presented with options!

How much does each service cost?

All services at Nosh are customizable and therefore the price can vary depending upon the service, # of people, market prices, and quality of ingredients you choose for your palate. You will be presented with a price range upon the initial consult and a final price in the form sent to you afterward. Upon completing the form and scheduling the service, a deposit will be paid.

How do I pay after booking?

When you book an inquiry you will also book a time to meet with us at nosh (in-person, virtually, or on the phone). This preliminary meeting is to determine the specifics of your service and discuss the pricing.  Should you move forward with your service you will receive a form to sign and pay a deposit via Square (credit or debit).

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